Health Care

Health care you will receive:

The Village has various divisions of care, firstly, 5 rooms of 22 sq. metres each with a balcony, all north facing with en-suite bathrooms comprising shower, toilet and wash basin, where relatively mobile residents are provided with intermittent care whenever it becomes necessary. Secondly, 16 rooms of 20 square metres each some with en-suite bathrooms, others with ablutions plus nearby bathroom availability for residents who can expect regular nursing attention unless an occasion demands this. Thirdly, for those residents who require twenty-four hour nursing attention, a care division is available comprising eight private rooms as well as four bed ward.
The Village Bryanston enjoys an enviable reputation for its dedicated nursing and comfort that has been provided over a significant period of time to those who may be experiencing health problems. This brings to the families of those so accommodated the sure knowledge that their loved ones are being properly cared for.