Yes, but this is a fairly minuscule, at the moment the highest levy is used for operational expenses amounts to R3500 per month. A cottager is entitled to 21 days free accommodation in a sickbay. The only cost incurred is for meals consumed which amounts to R280 per day for meals.

The Village Bryanston provides daily on-site management to the villages, all of which are overseen by our estate’s management.

External redecoration is the responsibility of the village estates department within a planned and budgeted cycle. Internal redecoration is the occupants responsibility.

Our village is age-exclusive and we welcome any residents who meet the qualifying age criteria. These criteria vary between a minimum age of 60.

The full amount you paid for you Life Right is retained by The Village Bryanston. However, based on a formula, a subsidy is determined and passed on to you which will result in a contribution towards the cost of accomodation in the Care Division into which you have been placed having regard to your mobility. Upon leaving the care division the 75% portion will be returned to you or your beneficiaries in terms of your will.

The Village Bryanston feature a wide range of facilities for use by residents and their guests including the library, coffee lounge, games room, residents’ meeting/club room, restaurant and medical centre. A wide range of clubs, societies and events are organised such as theatre trips, music, bridge, coffee mornings, talks, parties and shows.

Not entirely. A typical Life Right agreement comprises a capital amount that will be returned to you and a portion thereof remains with the owner, Sandton Senior Citizens Society (aka The Village Bryanston) of the cottage.

There is on-site parking available in the village for residents and separate parking areas for visitors.

No! However an accommodation charge is levied which is all inclusive of Accommodation, meals, professional nursing, laundry and mobility help, if required.

Occupation of a cottage is obtained by the conclusion of a “Life Right” arrangement between an applicant and Sandton Senior Citizens’ Society.

Yes, we understand how important pets are to families and we welcome a well-trained pet, subject to approval from The Village Committee which is usually granted.

Yes, visitors may stay awhile in their family or friends cottages, but excludes permanent residency.

Internal structures may be made with the permission of the estates department.